Extensive Opportunity in Choosing Digital Marketing as a Career in India


Traditional marketing in India has reached its saturation point. This is the digital age. More businesses are already into making an online shift. And, it’s like the whole population has become tech-savvy. This has caused a huge increase in the demand for digital marketing professionals all over India. 

> Digital Marketing as a Career

For the past 2 or 3 decades, we have been witnessing a constant increase in the digital marketing career opportunities in India. Indian govt. is strongly supporting digital India and startups. And as most of the startups and SMBs opt for Digital Marketing, it has definitely paved the way for job creation in the digital marketing field. Another reason is that the field of digital marketing itself is growing and the whole world is yet to make the optimal usage of the online media. 

The career opportunity comprises a lot of job roles such as SEO Executives, Social Media Experts, Content Writers, Inbound Marketing Manager, Search Engine Marketers, Conversion Rate Optimizers, Copywriters, etc. The number of job opportunities in India will continue to rise for decades. 

> Roles, Profiles, and Salaries

The roles and profiles change from industry to industry. By learning digital marketing, one can not only get employed in a company, there is also an opportunity that you can work with startups or either start your own venture.

And when it comes to salary, it depends on your creativity level, talent, and experience in the field. The smarter you work, the better your salary will be. The earnings totally depend on your potential. However, the normal salary rate starts from around 30k per month in almost all the job profiles. 

> Aspects That Influence Your Salary

  • The industry that you are employed in
  • Income your company is generating
  • Income that is being generated because of your work
  • Creativity and spontaneity at work
  • The works/campaigns that were handled by you and which were successful
  • Leads generated by you
  • Clients managed by you

Digital Marketing Roles That are Here to Stay

There are arguments that some roles in digital marketing can go irrelevant in the future, the fact is that they are all going to stay for a really long time. One among such roles is the Content.It will always stay in demand. Other roles that are of high demand are Director, Manager, Inbound Managers, etc.

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